Elevate (Firestone) Quickseam Flashing Tape (5")

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Elevate (Firestone) 5" Flashing Tape


Elevate (Firestone) 5" Flashing Tape is a semi-cured EPDM Flashing laminated to cured Seam Tape. This can be used to join EPDM, Flash Gravel stops and other details as specified in the Firestone Specifications.


Use Quickprime Plus and Quickscrubber Pads & Handles to clean and primethe mating surfaces, refer to the download section for installation details.


Excellent moisture resistance. Excellent resistance to Heat and Cold, Excellent green tack, Semi cured (do not stretch)


Store at temperatures between 15 - 27 degrees, when exposed to lower temperatures, restore to room temperature prior to use.

This product must be used with Firestone Quickprime Plus, and applied using a Quickscrubber Pad & Handle.

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