If you are a tradesman or company interested in purchasing our products on a regular basis, then it may be worth considering opening a trade account with us. 

Please telephone Jennifer Owens (accounts manager) on 01290 559333.

Full training is available for Rubbercover installers and once trained and registered, you will be able to apply for our product warranty scheme. 

Contractor Training

Rubberseal provide a one-day installer training course for Firestone Rubbercover and Liquiflex-Pro, which can take place at any of our 3 facilities in the UK.

Our courses run from 9am to 5pm and cover all aspects of installing a Rubbercover or Liquiflex flat roof system.

Starting with an introduction to Rubbercover or Liquiflex, the course will cover every benefit of installing either system. Trainee’s will have the opportunity to practice using the systems by carrying out detail work on demo sections. Then, will finish the course by completing a full installation on our mock roofs.

On site training and inspections are also available, as well as the chance to take away instructional DVD’s and additional literature should you want further assistance.

Contact us for all training enquiries.