Tapco Ridge (10 Pack)




TAPCO RIDGE (10 pack)

Tapco Ridge Synthetic Slate Tiles are crafted from recycled limestone and plastic, which are shown to offer maximum durability. These tiles also feature innovative ‘stay-True’ technology to combat the damaging impact of UV. When combined, these materials and innovative technology ensure the tiles maintain their gorgeous colouring throughout their 40 year life span.

Incredibly Lightweight

Whilst natural slates can weigh as much as 32kg per square meter, these Tapco roof tiles weigh as little as 12kg per square meter. This allows you to achieve the gorgeous appearance of Welsh slates whatever the structure.

Due to their lightweight build, these Tapco tiles are ideal for extensions and conservatories. They are also used on entire homes, with their superb durability making them more cost effective than natural slates.

Hassle-free Installation

Fitting these Tapco tiles couldn’t be easier thanks to their pre-marked fixing and overlap markings. They can also be easily cut by both DIYers and tradesman with either a handsaw or utility blade.

The number of fixings required to secure the Tapco roof tiles are also minimal, with only 2 fixings per tile being necessary. The compatible ridge piece and conservatory flashings utilise the same fixings too.

Ideal for Low Pitches

The Tapco Synthetic Slate Tile is the only synthetic slate to be approved by the BBA for use on roof pitches as low as 14.5 degrees. All you’ll need is a felt underlay and battens for support.  This makes them ideal for roofing applications where your pitch has been limited by an existing roof window or building regulations.

Gorgeous Appearance

Available in a variety of colours, the Tapco Synthetic Slate Tile has something to offer whatever your taste. Due to them being created with moulds taken from real slates, these Tapco tiles feature the peaks and curves of natural Welsh slates.

With ‘stay-True’ technology intertwined into their formula, the Tapco Synthetic Slate Tiles will maintain their gorgeous slate-effect for decades. This is whether you experience extremely hot summers or bitterly cold winters.

Why Choose this Tapco Roof Tile?

This synthetic tile provides a host of benefits, making it an ideal solution for virtually any roofing project. These benefits include:

  • Authetic slate appearance
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • No breakages or wastage
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Perfect for pitches as low as 14.5 degrees
  • Innovative ‘stay-True’ colour protecting technology
  • Ideal for DIYers and tradesman
  • Supplied with a 40 year BBA guarantee
  • Crafted from fully recycled materials

Pack of 10.

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Weight8 kg

Black, Brown, Grey, Red