Soudal Soudatherm Roof 250 Contractor Pack



Soudal Soudatherm Roof 250 Contractor Pack

POURABLE liquid, moisture curing, single component, polyurethane adhesive for bonding insulation materials on flat roofs.
Totally solvent free, compatible with polystyrene (EPS) and most other roofing insulation boards. Easy-to-use.


Bonding of most common roofing insulation materials such as PIR/PUR (mineral-coated glass fibre, bituminous glass fibre and aluminium foiled), expanded polystyrene, mineral insulation materials, extruded polystyrene, phenolic foam and mineral wool.
These materials can be bonded onto most underlying surfaces; insulation onto insulation (multi-layer), masonry surfaces, steel roof decks, bituminous roofing felts, wooden boards, hard PVC, plaster.
Also directly onto vapour barriers, subject to the technical approval of the manufacturer.

Pourable polyurethane roofing insulation adhesive
Fast strength build-up
High bond strength
Suitable for most insulation boards and most roofing substrates
Quicker and more efficient than other fixing methods

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