Soudal Soudatherm Roof 170 (5L)




Soudal Soudatherm Roof 170 is a liquid polyurethane adhesive in a tin can.

Moisture curing one-component PU adhesive for the efficient, clean, economical and durable bonding of roof insulation panels.


• Yield: +/- 6m² / kg, minimal 3 to 4 beads / m²
• Curing time: 2 – 6h
• Ready-to-use, 1 component
• Very high bond strength
• Resistant to wind uplift (tested by IFI)
• Moisture curing
• No solvents, so fully compatible with EPS
• Safe, no risk of fire
• Permanent elasticity, doesn’t become brittle
• Minimal expansion, limited gap filling (Soudatherm Roof 250 and Soudatherm Roof 330 are better solutions for uneven surfaces up to 1 cm/m²)
• Ideal solution for mineral wool on flat roofs
• For vertical applications, use Soudatherm Roof 250 or Soudatherm Roof 330
• Avoids the risk of creating cold bridges
• No perforation of surface or vapour barrier
• No visible interior mechanical fixings when used on steel roof decks
• In insulation bonding, the cost per m² is not influenced by the thickness of the insulation
• Minimal surface temperature +5°C
• Minimal product temperature +5°C (for optimal yield and viscosity)
• Open time: max 30 Min (depends on temperature and relative humidity)
• Packaging: 2,2 kg and 5,5 kg
• Shelf life: 12 months
Insulation materials:
• Expanded polystyrene (EPS)
• PIR-/PUR covered with:
• Mineral-coated glass fibre
• Bituminous glass fibre
• Aluminium *)
• Mineral insulation boards (e.g. Perlite, Multipor®, Fermacell®, …)
• Mineral woolSurfaces **)
• Old bituminous roofing felts, sand surfaced or chipped
• Bituminous vapour barriers
• Aluminium coated vapour barriers ***)
• Insulation on insulation e.g. in multi-layer and tapered systems
• Concrete, fibre cement, cellular concrete, wooden boards, hard PVC, plaster
• Only suitable for even surfaces
• Only suitable for horizontal application

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