S500 LIQUIFLEX Soffit Trim



S500 LIQUIFLEX Soffit Trim.

The S500 Liquiflex Soffit Trim is used as a fascia trim for concrete roofing or any similar application which requires an over-sized soffit trim. A support batten should be attached to the wall beneath the structure.

It should be nailed to the decking at 300mm centres and then the underside should be nailed to the batten.

The join between where the nails penetrate the trim and the decking should be bandaged over.

Then the laminate can then be applied to the roof and should overlap the edge of the bandage.

The laminate should not extend onto the fascia of the trim.

To fully encapsulate a concrete edge or similar roof edge detail.

Dimensions: Girth – 450mm.

Depth – 225mm

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Weight2 kg