Rubberseal PROVAP Vapour Control Layer (S/A)





  • Forms a total vapour barrier
  • Cold applied without use of flames
  • Waterproof & self-adhesive
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • High tear resistance and tensile strength
  • Self-sealing
  • Fast installation


RUBBERSEAL PROVAP VAPOUR CONTROL LAYER (S/A) is a self-adhesive bituminous membrane that forms  a barrier against vapour and gases. Consisting of a self-adhesive  bituminous compound re-enforced by a composite aluminium foil  with integral glass-fibre mat.

The upper foil surface is polyester coated offering protection from  alkalis and provides a carrier surface on to which LIQUIFLEX PRO and most other polyurethane liquid systems and adhesives will adhere to.

The exceptionally high vapour resistance enables use in buildings with extreme internal conditions and high humidity such as sports halls, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens and wet industrial processes.

Fast and easy installation achieves waterproofing of a roof  structure prior to the installation of the insulation and waterproofing, providing a vapour barrier without the need for hot works or naked flame in application.

Suitable for use on most common substrates such as concrete,  plywood/OSB and metal decks. The high integral strength of  PROVAP S/A withstands puncturing from foot traffic when used on profiled metal decks.


Can be used in conjunction with Rubberseal Provap Primer.

Additional information

Weight10 kg

10m, 40m