Norbord Smartply 18mm T&G Decking




Norbord Smartply is designed to perform.

Its strength is down to the tens of thousands of strands of real wood that go into each and every board. This precision engineered board is the natural successor to softwood plywood.

No knots, voids or debates.

SterlingOSB is easy to saw, drill, nail, plane, file or sand. Nails can be driven as close as 8mm from the panel edge without splitting. The panels may be glued with any PVA adhesive recommended for wood, and painted with any quality wood-paint system. Panels can be unsanded, touch sanded, or fully sanded on both sides for industrial or decorative uses.

When choosing a coating system, the desired longevity, decorative effect and level of maintenance should be considered.


Where a fine finish is required, factory sanded panels should be used. With unsanded panels, surfaces should be first wire brushed to remove any loose wafers and resin deposits. Priming and top coating with a spirit based coating, as directed by the manufacturers, will give the highest quality finish. Where the final appearance is less important, water-based products may be used. These may cause some slight swelling of the surface wafers emphasising their outline.


Manufacturers’ guidelines on application should always be followed. If required, SterlingOSB can be treated to further protect against fungal or insect attack. It is recommended that a 3-minute dip cycle rather than a double vacuum cycle be used, and a solvent based system should be used in preference to a water based system. Experience shows that adequate preservative uptake is provided by this method.

Double vacuum systems and the use of water based chemicals can, as with most panel products, adversely affect the structural properties of the panel. All fire-retardant impregnation systems are water based and usually involve a double vacuum and pressure cycle. It is essential to obtain structural performance characteristics from the treatment company and follow their enduse recommendations.

Fire-retardant paints and finishes can be used on SterlingOSB. to date information. Norbord Ltd cannot be held responsible for any independently handled process which may affect the strength properties of the finished panel. Panels should be stored under cover, on a level base with sufficient bearers to prevent sagging or other distortion. Care should be taken to protect edges. Where the panel is to be stored for a prolonged period, additional bearers should be installed.

In common with other wood and wood-based products, OSB may expand or contract slightly when exposed to changes of moisture in the atmosphere. Boards should be allowed to reach equilibrium by storing them under the atmospheric conditions in which they are to be used for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation.

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