Hex Fixings (45mm)



Hex Fixings (45mm)

Drill, Drive, Done – The original masonry fastening system that cuts it’s own thread into concrete, brick and block.

Hex Fixings (45mm)


    • M&E Applications: Fixing Electrical Accessories
    • Saddles
    • Conduit clips
    • Back boxes
    • P Clips
    • Cable clips
    • Cable cleats Services
    • Ductwork
    • Cable trays, channel
    • Suspended ceilings
    • Site barriers
    • Temporary safety rails
    • Security fencing Steel and Concrete Applications: Timber to Concrete
    • Formwork
    • Battens
    • Base plates
    • Plywood backer boards Metalwork
    • Steel framing systems
    • Railings, hand rails
    • Brackets and signs
    • Fire protection
    • Insulation systems to masonry



    • Fast installation, Drill, Drive, Done
    • Replaces small diameter expansion anchors, plugs and screws in light to medium duty applications
    • No need to pre-spot holes, no inserts are required
    • Removable and adjustable
    • Can be installed close to edges
    • Excellent corrosion protection

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Weight2 kg