Green Roof Sedum Tray




Make your roof green with the Green Roof Sedum Tray

The Rubberseal ready-made green roof Sedum tray is an all in one module, which contains the complete package of substrate and established Sedum together with a drainage layer and water reservoir for flat and slightly pitched roofs. This means separate supply of all the different materials needed to build up a green roof is unnecessary and the installation can be made without any specialist knowledge. The shape of the module facilitates an easy, fast and clean installation.

General Characteristics of Green Roof Sedum Tray:

Module tray manufactured from durable, sustainable and recyclable Polypropylene (PP).
Resistant to UV Light, supplied with an UV stabiliser
Flexible without loss of strength
Resistant to chemical substances
Resistant to temperature fluctuations and frost


Dimension: 46 cmx 49.5cm with an edge height of 8 cm
Area: 4.4 modules per 1 m2
Weight: Empty module = approx. 0.7 kg
Module filled with 2 layers as described = approx. 8.00 kg
Module filed with 2 layers as described and saturated with water = approx. 12 kg

Drainage layer:

Rainwater which is not absorbed can be drained from the module and will flow underneath the module. Four drainage holes at the top and bottom of the water buffering zone have been drilled for this purpose and let the excess water slowly drain further buffering the effect of sudden storm situations

Water buffering zone:

Rain water will be buffered by capillary action through the substrate and drainage layer of expanded clay granules. This will be stored in the module to create an extra buffer for the dry periods up to the level of the drainage holes at 1 cm from the base. The volume of expanded clay granule is 6 litres per module


Small slits in the side of each water reservoir at a set height ensure that a reservoir is retained in the bottom of the module whilst filtering excess water to run off beneath without loss of substrate.

Substrate layer:

The thickness of the substrate layer is related to characteristics of rooting zone of the sedum species and the climate. This zone ensures that there are plenty of nutrients and water available to the vegetation whilst at the same time providing sufficient oxygen to the roots and opportunity for the roots to anchor to the substrate.

Volume substrate:

5.5 l per module

Vegetation layer:

The modules are supplied with excellent coverage as close to 100% as we can achieve. Our modules are graded in the field to ensure that only the best are dispatched. The sedum vegetation is grown from seed consists of 16 species of sedum. We use seed rather than cheaper cuttings, as this results in a greater number of species becoming established. During the establishment period the modules are supplied with extra nutrients and regular maintenance to facilitate good coverage and the perfect instant roof.


Our sedum is grown in the modules on the west coast of Scotland. On receipt of an order, the modules are picked, packed onto maximum pallet quantities of 10m2 and delivered straight to site to reduce the risk of damage to the sedum.

It is always worth putting down a protective barrier of Firestone EPDM rubber membrane to ensure no roots push through to your roof.

Additional information

Weight12 kg