C100LMT LIQUIFLEX Long Leg Simulated Lead Flashing with Moisture Trap



C100LMT LIQUIFLEX Simulated Lead Flashing.

As C100 with deep wall penetration and integral self-securing moisture trap.

The C trim is usually fitted into a bed joint of the brickwork or a 35/50mm (depending on the trim type) deep chase cut out with an angle grinder fitted with a mortar chase disc.

Apply polyurethane adhesive to the back of the C trim every 300mm.

Fit the trim into the slot and press firmly back to the wall to overlap the D trim.

Apply a clear silicone sealant along the length of the trim into the slot to seal the trim in.

A smooth finish can be obtained by wiping the sealant with a moistened finger.


Vertical cover – 100mm.

Wall penetration – 50mm

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Weight2 kg